CCTV Installations

By making use of hi-tech camera equipment, Pure IoT is able to provide you with a CCTV plan like no other.

CCTV systems act as a barrier against theft and we are giving you the opportunity to have your eyes on your company wherever you go.

Our CCTV systems provide you with high resolution images with accurate details in real-time or sorted for playback at a later stage, allowing you the best line of defense for your company.

We do CCTV installations of top brands and can help with both analog and IP network camera systems. We will provide you with a system that has all you need to monitor your business assets effectively.

By making use of a CCTV system, you are able to deter criminal activity, improve home and business insurance rates as well as have the peace of mind when collecting evidence. For more on our CCTV installations and repairs, contact us via our contact page!