We are experts in:


Computer Support

This service will allow us to either support you locally from your home/office as well as remotely in order to provide troubleshooting, maintenance & repairs to your machine.


Server & Network Support

We will set-up, manage and constantly monitor your businesses server & network, allowing us to prevent any data loss as well as any security breaches to your network.


Monitored Backup Services

This practice allows us to cover you in the case of incidents or problems on your principal network. These backups can be run both on-site as well as on the cloud.


IT Consulting Services

Our highly skilled team offers IT consulting to all clients as well as potential new clients. Let us take the guesswork out of purchasing, installing & maintaining your IT infrastructure.


Site & Network Audits

A site audit allows us to fully understand your IT system and provides us with the opportunity to offer you insights as to what your business requires to function flawlessly. 


IT Support Contracts

Our IT support contracts will allow us to cover the maintenance, servicing & repairs of your infrastructure over a specific period of time as well as remote support features.


Computer Network & Cabling

By setting up your network infrastructure in the correct manner, we will be able to run cables in order to provide all your users with a quick and stable internet connection.


Internet Connectivity Services

We have partnered with various service providers around the country and are able to provide you with an internet connectivity solution that fits your specific business needs.


Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud security allows us to store your data securely, and in the cloud. This will prevent you from losing your data to theft, ransomware and deletion.


Managed Security & Firewalls

Installation of a firewall on your site will allow you to be in complete control of your systems and allows you to protect your network from unauthorized access.


Vulnerability Assessments

Allow us to define, classify and prioritize the vulnerabilities in your network and assist you in putting the correct measure in place to prevent any loss of data.


Managed Encryption

Managed encryption allows us to encrypt your systems with set keys or passphrases which will protect your systems from loss, corruption and unauthorized access.


CCTV Installations & Support

With strategic placement of cameras, our CCTV services will afford you the opportunity to be in control of your business wherever you are, whenever you need.



This service will allow us to put measures in place to protect you against the criminal or unauthorized use of your businesses electronic data.


Voice Services

We offer a variety of voice services such as PBX and VOIP services in order for you to communicate internally as well as externally with your clients.


Cloud Services

Our cloud services will make all your data available to you from anywhere you need it as opposed to only being available through your businesses on-premise servers.


Google Apps

Google Apps is a set of cloud computing and collaboration tools developed by Google. These include email, documents, cloud storage and calendars.


Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription service offered by Microsoft. This subscription allows you access to all Microsoft applications as well as Microsoft’s cloud storage options.


Hosted Email Services

We are able to host your email services as well as your website domain. This will allow us to manage your email accounts for you so you can focus on your core business needs.


Graphic Design

Our graphic designers will help you combine your creative ideas and turn them into a reality. Let us help you create your next big project!


Website Design

Our website designer offers a wide variety of designs to suit your business needs. This will allow you to develop the perfect website, fit to compete with anyone in your industry.


Artificial Intelligence

With industry leading technology, we are able to provide you with an AI service that will help you take care of your business needs without you having to lift a finger.

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