Executive Assistance, Estimation, Management, Implementation, Deployment & Administration.

Hosting & Email Services

Website Hosting Solutions & Packages as well as a Variety of Email Solutions.

Managed App Services

Design, Application & Maintenance of both Internal & Customer Facing Web Applications.

Managed Backup Services

Remote & Online Backups, Storage & Recovery of Data, Backup Systems & Software.

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Based Mail, Data Retention, Document Storage & Hosted Services.

Managed Data Storage

Onsite & Offsite Data Storage, Cloud Storage, Data Storage Solutions & Comprehensive Data Management.

Managed IT Support

Support of IT Systems, Planning, Installing, Training, Troublshooting & Maintenance of Products.

Managed Network Services

Outsourced Networking, Secure & Up to date Networks, Secure & Agile Networking.

Managed Security Services

Hardware & Software Security, Perimeter & Internal Network Integrity, MDM & Access/Protection of Data.

On Premise Solutions

Onsite Tech Support for Server & Workstation Security & Network and Peripheral Devices.

Social Media Management

Creation, Management, Updating & Hosting of all Social Media Accounts & Platforms.

Web Dev & Maintenance

Building, Managing & Updating of Websites, Web Design, Website Maintenance.