Welcome to PureIoT!

Pure IoT is here for you no matter what Information Technology (IT) problems you are facing, from end user desktop/laptop support to server and network difficulties, the fix is just one call away.

Wherever you need us, whenever you need us, Pure IoT is here to help. With our industry leading technologies, we make sure that our clients’ devices will be managed with our revolutionary monitoring software, so we can detect problems before you even notice.

Maintenance is a crucial part of every device’s security, integrity and performance. Pure IoT provides maintenance services such as security updates, security scanning as well as physical server and network performance maintenance, and that’s not all!

Our consultants are highly trained and experienced to be able to provide any industry with a tailored solution, no matter the requirements! We will also provide a dynamic solution to fit your business needs perfectly.

Other than physically adding to your business, we are also able to offer cloud based solutions to the greatest extent, keeping your sensitive data secured on one of our hosted servers where only you can have access to your data as well as storing all your company data in a cloud based storage facility.

We also have the ability to automatically and securely backup to the cloud, making it easy and quick to restore your data should something happen. Should any disaster strike we will get your server, network and data up and running in record time! Should you prefer storing your data onsite, we will also provide solutions where your backups get backed up to different drives daily, weekly or monthly with one of the drives securely stored off premises.

We offer dynamic hosted solutions for any requirement, being it backups, software as a service, data storage or anything you might need on your own private cloud server! On top of all of this, we are also able to provide you with the platform to host your domain and website at the best price! We take over your day-to-day operations, enhancing your IT and business functions and enabling greater business agility.